Monday, October 31, 2016

Soulmates: review of THE SECRET LIFE OF SOULS

A novel
Jack Ketchum & Lucky Mckee
$24.95, hardcover (our price $19.96)

Caity is a Queensland Heeler who is devoted to her girl, Delia, a budding young actress. The dog offers Delia peace and comfort amidst a whirlwind career. Delia is a hard worker, with a daily calendar full of cast calls, scripts, and meetings, all the result of her mother Pat, who serves as her manager, fiercely pushing her to pursue every opportunity that might further elevate the family’s lifestyle. Delia goes along with her mom, believing—or trying to believe—that her parents’ attention is the result of love, and not just blind ambition. Her dog Caity and eventually her twin brother Robbie know the heartbreaking truth, although perhaps only Caity recognizes the danger her girl is in.

Delia and Robbie’s father Bart, like the rest of the family, has been enjoying the benefits of his successful daughter, buying ever larger TVs, and fancier sports cars. He does still have a glimmer of remorse, which he steadfastly drowns in whisky every chance he gets. Their mother likewise washes down her sleeping pills with scotch every night, leaving her comatose and unapproachable. One night, their inebriation nearly costs Delia her life. Caity is her rescuer, but the dog can’t protect her from her delusion of a loving family.

Caity and Delia have a deeper connection that seems to meld them permanently together as sort of soul-twins. Robbie sees this in Caity’s eyes, but by then the family has unraveled. All he can do is stay out of the way and let the dog fight the ultimate battle.
This violent psychological drama about a disintegrating family driven by greed is a mixture of Stephen King and Macbeth, part spirit world and part cold hard reality. It is a fast and furious read that will have you panting by the end.

Rated: ⭐⭐

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