Monday, April 6, 2015

Books with Benefits

Many animal books are inextricably tied to rescue organizations or projects. Every time Books for Animal Lovers purchases copies of certain titles from publishers, a portion of the sale goes to those organizations. And every time a customer purchases a copy from us, we also make a donation, thus doubling the benefits.
Below are just a sampling of books that give back. For more organizations, go to our About Us section and see a list:

  • Jo Anne Normile (SAVING BABY) created two hugely successful horse rescue organizations: CANTER, the first organization to take racehorses from the track to safe havens, and Saving Baby Equine Charity ( She’s on the board of other equine charities as well.
All animal lovers can contribute regularly to the Humane Society of the US, the ASPCA and state chapters, as well as regional and local rescue and adoption organizations. There are volunteer opportunities at every turn, either through day-to-day operations, providing foster care, or participating in political events.
Does your favorite animal charity have events where Books for Animal Lovers could participate? Please let me know. Some of our largest donations are a result of paying vendor participation fees. And we are always excited to meet new animal-book lovers. 
Email me and let me know about your favorite animal charity.

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